Anti's Commission Sheet

Commissions are currently: Closed - will reopen in the start of November

Everything is in USD!
Remember to read my TOS at the bottom of the sheet!

Will do:★ Any species (Humans, furries, closed species, reptiles, etc.)
★ LGBTQIA+ related things
★ Mecha + Machines
★ Heavy, light and mild gore
★ Ship art
★ Creepy + Unsettling art
Will NOT do:
★ Sexual + Explicit art (intercourse, exposed genitalia etc. I'm fine with drawing nipples!)
★ Hate/Discriminatory art

★ Flat: $10
★ Shaded: $15

★ Flat: $20
★ Shaded: $25

★ Flat: $30
★ Shaded: $35

★ Sketched $30
★ Flat $45
★ Shaded $55
★ Painting $60
★ Detailed Painting $75

Refrence Sheets★ Teir 1: $55+ (front + back symmetrical)
★ Teir 2: $70+ (3/4 view + chibi back & front view, eye closeup, paw/hand closeup with optional blood colour and bone display.)
★ Teir 3: $30 (Chibi symmetrical back + front)
★ A colour palette is optional for all teirs
★ If you'd like something else than what's mentioned, just say what you'd like and we can discuss prices!
★ Inventory: $20 (includes 2 - 5 items. Fx. Books, clothing items, food items etc.)
★ Secondary forms: $30 - $50 (Depending on complexity.)
★ Cbibi: $10
★ Chibi symmetrical clothing options: $15 each
★ Any text you want added is completely free!

Custom Designs or Full Redesigns
★ Teir 1: $40
Includes a full and a small headshot.
★ Teir 2: $60
Includes a front, back + small headshot.
★ Teir 3: $25
Includes a sketchy design.

★ Flat: $10
★ Shaded: $15

Weapon Designs
★ Symmetrical design: $25
★ Asymmetrical design: $35

Blink icons
★ Flat: $30
★ Shaded: $40
(I am still undecided about the prices for my other animation types so this is it for now.)

★ For more examples of my artwork, check out my Toyhouse and Instagram gallery bellow!

Terms Of Service★ Payment is upfront through Paypal in USD (Paypal will convert any currency, if my currency, DKK, is troubling, just ask and I'll do my best to help you!) I will not begin the work before I've received the money.★ Refunds are only available in case I'm unable to finish your commission or if I haven't started working on your commission yet.★ I have the right to cancel your commission for any reason.★ My turnaround time goes from 1 day to a couple of weeks depending on what I have going for the time being. You can ask for updates whenever, but please refrain from spamming me with update messages!★ Any art made by me is property of me, but I will not claim the characters in the artwork as my own.★ If you want to edit my art, no matter what it is, PLEASE ask me first!